02. April 2024



SoloDuo Residency: Showing I

02 April 2024 // 7.30 pm // Nicolas Sanches and Irene Valesano (F) // Amisha Kumra (N)

Admission starting 7 pm

Winners of the SoloDuo Festival nrw + friends 2023 present work-in-progress excerpts from current works

In the period 25.03.-11.04.2024, 4 of the winners of the SoloDuo Festival nrw + friends 2023 will be guests in our studios for an artistic research. On 2 evenings, they will share excerpts of this work as part of a work-in-progress presentation in Studio 1 of Barnes Crossing. Admission is on a voluntary donation basis. Places are limited, please reserve your place at Further information will be available from the end of March on our website at

The program is realized in cooperation with Art Co-Living.

We would like to thank Tanzfaktur and Andreas Schmitz for their kind support.


// Nicolas Sanches und Irene Valesano 

THE HUG, a simple gesture with many sides that can greatly twist the end of a story. Inspired by chronicle stories where the hug has turned into a dagger,we wanted to explore the causes that determine its changes, how these are perceived, when we become aware of it and how it affects our being, emphasizing, with a touch of irony the dangerousness, but reminding us that since its origins it has been a symbol of care , love and affection. GUH!!! It is a battle cry, the battle of hugs versus hugs.

// Amisha Kumar
work in progress

Amisha Kumra is a movement artist with roots from India, born in Norway and based in Amsterdam. She moves through dance, music, choreography, acting, modelling, djing and creates movements of people together. She has background and training in contemporary, kathak, bollywood, bhangra, hiphop, house dance, popping and waacking. Amisha is currently busy with exploring her artistic research called _peeling my purple onion where she is peeling away taught movement (off balancing) and behaviour to come closer to an essence (balancing). With ancient Indian tools she navigates through balancing and off balancing in reaction to the frequencies being created in space live with a loopstation. Amisha invites you into a sensorial work in progress sharing to sense the echoes of her research and experinces.

Fotos: Alessandro de Matteis