11. April 2024



Solo Duo Residency: Showing II

11 April 2024 // 8.00 pm // Laura Louise van Meurs (D) // Hea Min Jung (D)

Admission starting 7:30 pm

Winners of the SoloDuo Festival nrw + friends 2023 present work-in-progress excerpts from current works

In the period 25.03.-11.04.2024, 4 of the winners of the SoloDuo Festival nrw + friends 2023 will be guests in our studios for an artistic research. On 2 evenings, they will share excerpts of this work as part of a work-in-progress presentation in Studio 1 of Barnes Crossing. Admission is on a voluntary donation basis. Places are limited, please reserve your place at Further information will be available from the end of March on our website at

The program is realized in cooperation with Art Co-Living.

We would like to thank Tanzfaktur and Andreas Schmitz for their kind support.


// Hea Min Jung
Research into spiritual boundary

The performance by Berlin based Korean choreographer, Hea Min Jung weaves together physical expressions with the profound essence of Korean shamanism, encompassing spiritual and cultural elements. Through meticulously crafted symbolic ‘string’ installations and immersive soundscapes, It invites audiences on a transformative journey into a ‘different way’, fostering deeper spiritual connections and cultural expressions.

In her works, Jung delves into physical imperfections and human limitations, using her own autobiographical experiences as a wellspring of creative possibility and reinvention.

// Laura Louise van Meurs
Unbaked Collective

In the upcoming residency the unbaked collective wants to deepen their research about the normalization on hyper-sexualisation of girls. The two choreographers Laura Louise van Meurs and Viviane Hamm raise the question which manners children socialized as girls possess in their physicality. By using biographical material they create a movement language of exaggerated mimics and gestures, accompanied by the music of Daniel Ismaili, who creates a soundscape fluctuating between little bells and threatening basses. The trio creates an artificial atmosphere in which both the characters and the audience get exposed.

Fotos: Alessandro de Matteis