28. April 2024



WOLKENSTEIN Children’s Theater “Stop! You’re there and I’m here”

Sun., 28 April 2024, 11 am and 3 pm –  WOLKENSTEIN “Stop! You are there and I am here”.
Children’s play about body and boundaries in German language 4 + years

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“Stop! You’re there an I’m here”

Just an ordinary afternoon play date between Fine and Felix: discovering cloud animals, ocean diving with a submarine, inventing dancing socks and looking out for protection in the rain.

All the sudden the two of them get tangled up in an unexpected mood, questions arise.
For example, Have you ever asked for help? Do you know bad secrets? Can you tell on yourself?

Both share awkward experiences with each other: about the swimming teacher that got way too close.

About this kid that just would not stop tickling.

Also they talk about courage-ball and stop-feather and what it feels being king and queen of their own body.

Fine and Felix are inviting the kids with a lot of sensitivity, direct language and playful joy of movement. This way they are reminding them of their own bodily kingdom.

We are excited about the cooperating with „Basta!”, an association located in Düren, Germany, that promotes preventive and intervening work against sexual violence against children.


Ensemble production
Director: Andrea Lucas
Composition: Thomas Marey
Dramaturgy: Judith Nüßler
Dancer: Katharina Sim
Players: Marcus Krone

Picture © Andrea Lucas