12. March 2022



IPtanz: absence#1.2 – AntiKörper

absence#1.2 – AntiKörper
A walk-in dance installation for young audiences aged 13 to 17

Premiere: Fri 04 March 2022, 11 am and 2.30 pm

Further performances:

Sat 05 March 2022, 4pm

Fri 11March 2022, 11am and 2.30pm

Sat 12 March 2022, 4pm

Venue: Barnes Crossing, Industriestr. 170, 50999 Cologne
Tickets at or call 02236-963588

The number of spectators is limited to 40 people. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to make a binding booking in advance

Hygiene concept of the production:. As the audience is free to move around the performance, the following hygiene measures apply:

  • 2G+ for adults
  • negative citizenship test for young people of school age (24-hour antigen test or 48-hour PCR test)
  • For school classes, confirmation from the accompanying teacher that all pupils present have a current negative test as part of the school testing (e.g. pool test) is sufficient.
  • For accompanying adults, 2G+ applies.
  • Masks are compulsory

Exception: Persons who have a medical certificate stating that they cannot be vaccinated must bring a test certificate with them (24-hour antigen test or 48-hour PCR test)
Please bring the relevant certificates and your ID card.

absence#1.2 - AntiKörper by IPtanz is a walk-in dance installation for young audiences between 13 and 17 years about the disappearance, shaping and questioning of the biological body: body can, may, must, will, should not, will ... or is it not?

absence#1.2 - AntiKörper looks at questions of individuality and identity, what a possible future can look like and how it can be shaped. Two performers, two stage objects, an interactive video installation and the audience create new images and visions in each performance. IPtanz uses digital possibilities for the video installation as well as the interaction with the audience during the course of the piece. The interactive level is inspired by the principles of games and escape rooms: the audience can intervene and influence the further course of the piece through their decisions.

After each performance, members of the team are available for a discussion with the audience. The theatre pedagogue Karoline Bürger will be the moderator.

absence#1.2 - AntiKörper is another part of a series on disappearance planned over several years. The focus of the artistic consideration is the human being and his being in the interconnectedness to the disappearance of individual aspects of his living space.


Dance: Anika Bendel, Manuel Kisters Choreography: Ilona Pászthy Dance material: Ilona Pászthy in collaboration with the team Stage/graphics: miegL Video installation: Barbara Schröer Interactive level: Martin Romero Costumes: Margit Koch Musical arrangement: Marcus Greiner Production assistance: Samira Kleiber, Luise Ulmer Lighting: Garlef Keßler, Theatre pedagogy: Karoline Bürger


About IPtanz Since 2000, the interdisciplinary group of artists led by Ilona Pászthy has been creating dance productions that can be experienced by audiences in public spaces as well as site-specific and theatrical spaces. Staged both nationally and internationally (Hungary, Romania, South Korea, Congo...), they open up the boundary between the audience and the artists and enable a direct encounter and a more direct approach to dealing with the themes. Media as well as interdisciplinary and international cooperation play a decisive role in this. The basis of their work is the cross-genre stage composition of contemporary dance, performance, visual and media art, music and the performing arts. The language of movement is strongly influenced by postmodern dance and performance techniques and a very unique body language derived from the individual gestures of everyday life. In its artistic concepts, it reflects the zeitgeist in a cross-disciplinary and socially critical way. Audience-building measures such as public talks and formats for young audiences, but also studios for young dancers, for example in Brazzaville and Kinshasa, are important components of her work, as are accessible project concepts. Her works have been nominated and awarded many times.


Supported by 

NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPINGOUT / funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative / HilfsprogrammTanz

Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Cultural Office of the City of Cologne.