20. January 2024



Improgroup Los Improsibles “La máquina del tiempo” (en: The time machine)

Impro group Los Improsibles “La máquina del tiempo”
(Eng: The time machine)


20. Jan. 2024 at 20:00 h at Barnes Crossing
Improshow in Spanish with the IMPROSIBLES

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The Time Machine (dt: Die Zeitmaschine)
The Improgruppe Los Improsibles is playing with Pedro Correa on Sunday.
The evening is in Spanish.
Moderation: Ana Paula Vázquez
Project management: Eva Hevicke


Get ready to be entertained, surprised and thrilled! This time LOS IMPROSIBLES from Cologne improvise scenes and stories, traveling through time. Each scene is a different world, each story an enigma, each improvisation an unexpected situation. The scenes are created on the spot, based on the inspiration and ideas given by the audience at that moment. The actors and actresses go out without a script, using the suggestions of the audience to weave their stories on stage. Unique and unrepeatable scenes, with live music.

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Leticia García
Heliana Cardenas
Laura de Sousa
Renata Solleiro
Cornelia Dick
Celia Illobre
Daniela Salgado
Marina Gallastegui
Christine Mialkas
Javier Manero
Ángel Puente
David Toral
Daniela Kotthaus

Ana Paula Vázquez (moderation)
Pedro Correa (piano)

Eva Hevicke: project management

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