18. November 2023



El Cuco Projekt „Just before Falling“

17.11.23 Fr. 20 Uhr El Cuco Projekt Resumption “Just before Falling”
18.11.23 Sa. 20 Uhr El Cuco Projekt Resumption “Just before Falling”

„Just before Falling“ is dedicated to the in-between moments of everyday actions, fragmenting and capturing these mostly overlooked moments. The dancers wear deceptively real-looking animal masks and, as human-animal creatures, bizarrely dissect our everyday routines and our linear understanding of time and space. In doing so, the performance collective El Cuco Projekt creates paradoxical images that oscillate between sculpture and movement, taking our accepted normality to absurdity: Is it comforting to know that things that fall break in an infinite number of ways – but never twice in the exact same way?

El Cuco Projekt are the choreographer Sonia Franken (DE/UK) and the visual artist Gonzalo Barahona (CHL) with changing guests. They have been working together on interdisciplinary performances with (animal) masks since 2015. Their bizarre human-animal hybrids are human, animal AND thing – and, not OR. In this way, they open up aesthetic approaches to diverse thematic complexes such as man, nature and digitality in a very unique way. The absurd encounters on stage are characterised by the diverse and finely interwoven play with different forms of representation, such as dance, performance, mask, sculpture, painting, miniature models, video and animation(sfilm). In 2020, their production SCREAM!NG MATTER was nominated for the Cologne Dance Prize.

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Idea, choreography, text: Sonia Franken & Gonzalo Barahona; masks, stage design, text: Gonzalo Barahona & Sonia Franken; Performance: Carla Jordão, Jimin Seo; Voice: Ann Geraldine Franken; Lighting: Roman Sroka, Composition: Valerij Lisac; Costume: Lena Thelen; Press: neurohr & andrä; Administration: Jacqueline Gräf and Ruth Spitzlei; Trailer, photos and video documentation: Julia Franken; Photos of / and recording live stream: Streamteam (Maurits Boettger, Michael Maurissen, Max Kluger, Julia Franken); Performer Trailer: Carla Jordão, Hannah Krebs; production: Sonia Franken; co-production: Barnes Crossing e.V.


Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Kunststiftung NRW