14. Juli 2019


04:00 - 19:00


Doppelvorstellungen: Tunnel (Premiere) / Play Nice

Pünktlich zum Beginn der Sommerferien gibt es am 14. Juli bei Barnes Crossing zeitgenössischen Zirkus für die ganze Familie! Am ZIRKUS.SONNTAG lassen gleich zwei Jonglage-Duos die Bälle fliegen: Hippana Theatre präsentiert die Köln-Premiere von „Tunnel“, „Ariane & Roxana“ zeigen ihr Stück „Play nice“. Um 16 und 19 Uhr sind jeweils beide Duos in einer Doppelvorstellung zu sehen.

Jonas Schiffauer (Hippana Theatre) und Alex Allison (Cie. Maleta) präsentieren die Köln-Premiere von „Tunnel“. Virtuos erzählen die Jongleure von Konkurrenz und verschworener Freundschaft, dem Wunsch nach dem Aufstieg und der Angst vor dem Fall.

Mit viel Kreativität verschmelzen bei Ariane Oechsner und Roxana Küwen (Ariane & Roxana) in dem Stück „Play nice“ Fußjonglage und Bewegungsrecherche zu einer Show, die mit abstrakter Bilder- und Spielsprache liebevoll Geschichten aus dem Alltag erzählt.

Jeweils um 16.00 & 19.00 Uhr (1,5 h mit Pause)

12 € / 8 € ermäßigt

Tickets bitte reservieren unter hippanatickets(at)gmail.com


play nice – negotiating foot juggling – is a collaboration project of Ariane Oechsner and Roxana Küwen, it is a pioneering fusion of juggling, foot juggling, and movement research. Overcoming the apparent technical restrictions, the symbiosis expressed on stage in between the moving bodies and the partner foot juggling discipline happens almost in an obvious and natural way.

By demanding an unusual physicality, foot juggling has its very own complexity and rhythm. It speaks an abstract language of pictures and games. play nice – negotiating foot juggling – shows abstract moments depicting everyday life, alternately funny and absurd. Situations of conflict, fusion, interaction and collaboration develop in an organic way with uncertain outcomes. The games unfolding on stage and with the audience reflect on status and social manipulation.
Two figures: One of them taller, the other one smaller. The two are visibly unlike each other but still have something in common. They meet in a special situation – namely, on stage. Without speaking, they negotiate, playing games that require rules, attention and respect. Yet games may be manipulated and rules be broken. As a spectator, you cannot withdraw from the game, you take up a position, which in turn acts upon what is happening on stage.

Partners and support : Espace Périphérique – La Villette, FR ; Schloss Bröllin, DE ; Graine de Cirque, Strasbourg, FR ; Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, DE ; Flottmann-Hallen, Herne, DE ; Maison des Jonglages FR ; Espace Catastrophe, BE ; Circomedia, UK ; La Grainerie, fabrique des arts , FR ; La Cascade, pôle national des arts du cirque, FR ; Dommelhof, Neerpelt, BE ; Netzwerktreffen Neuer Zirkus, DE ; Tanzfaktur Köln, DE ; Katakomben – Center for Performing Arts, DE ; Ehrenfeldstudios, Köln, DE ; Académie Fratellini, FR ; Latitude50, pôle arts du cirque et de la rue, BE ; Bastid’art, FR

Authors and performers : Roxana Küwen and Ariane Oechsner Outside eyes : Roman Müller and Peter Sweet
Sound design : Gidon Oechsner
Light design and technician : Noémie Hajosi
Production : L’Entremise


Ariane and Roxana met in 2014 in Berlin. Since then, they juggle together whenever they meet, preferably with their feet. They have been creating the show « play nice » over this time stretch. They took part in and organised workshops, laboratories, showings, and they have been touring the 35 minutes outdoor version since april 2017. The theatre version premiered in february 2018 in Tollhaus, Karlrsuhe.
Roxana likes to take the audience into her world and astonish, confuse or amaze them by playing with categories and presence. She is of German and Iranian nationality and graduated at the Academy for Circus and Performance Art Tilburg (NL) in 2013. Since then she has been performing her acts in cabarets, circus and festivals. She also performs her solo «shift» and works in her Collectif CiNS on political approaches towards circus history.
Ariane likes to juggle and move in her very own way, and she loves to laugh about herself. Preferably with others. She studied Theatre in Vienna and graduated from die Etage e.V. In Berlin in 2013. For the last two years she was touring her street show “bare feast” and working with the Collective Candy on diverse site specific performances. At the moment, she plays juggling acts in Cirque Romanès and works with the company Critical Mess led by Stefan Sing.