19. December 2021



WOLKENSTEIN Theater: “Marga stays awake”

Winter fairy tale with marmot
for children from 3 years

Marga is awake. Still! Although all the other marmots are surely already in their burrows and have peacefully sunk into hibernation.
She just can’t settle down, after all, it’s her first hibernation in her own burrow. You never know: will the blankets be enough? Does she have enough winter fat? Or at least enough nuts in case she wakes up hungry. And how does it work with the waking up? Does it happen by itself or does she have to do something for it? Unfortunately, no one is awake to ask, because all the others are already sleeping like, well…. – like groundhogs.
And what is happening out there? She’s heard of winter, of course, of cold and snowflakes. And also about cinnamon stars, presents and special feasts.
Marga decides to stay awake: the bed becomes a present, a snow waltz is danced and a mysterious ball floats above the pillows…

The play is aimed at families and kindergarten children from 2 years old, regardless of language and religion.
Andrea Lucas tells the wintry story of the lively marmot with little text, but with lots of movement, music and lovely imagery.
She accompanies Marga in her hibernation cave through the dark, cozy and hopeful time.
And what about spring? It’s coming! For sure!

By and with Andrea Lucas
Composition & Production: Thomas Marey
Dramatic assistance: Judith Nüßler


Sun., Nov. 28, 3:30 p.m. WOLKENSTEIN Theater for Children “Marga stays awake” / PREMIERE
further dates: Sun., Dec. 19, 3:30 p.m. &
Tues., Dec. 21, 3 p.m. cancelled

Reservation under: +49 163 – 9719837
Further information and pictures of the new piece of Wolkenstein you find here: