01. - 02. July 2021

Nati Blanco “KARNEVAL” (Flamenco)

KARNEVAL is an interdisciplinary and experimental solo flamenco dance performance by Nati Blanco to electronic music about the search for one’s own identity. Nati Blanco shows in her piece the deeply contradictory peculiarities of the carnival, which is native to the cities of Venice, Cologne and Cadiz, questions it both critically and playfully to humorously and thereby enters into a confrontation with itself. Self-absorption, local patriotism and the accompanying exclusions, but also the role of women as decorative accessories and their rebellion, as well as the diversity in customs and music provide the platform for her search for belonging and female definition.
The premiere was performed as part of the tanz.tausch festival köln at the Alte Feuerwache on January 30, 2020.
KARNEVAL is funded by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, City of Cologne Cultural Office and co-produced by tanz.tausch festival köln.

Concept / Choreography / Performance – Nati Blanco.
Dramaturgy / Chor. Assistance / Light Design / Direction – Adrián Castelló
Chore. Assistance Cadiz – Irene Alvaréz
Electronic music composition – Castora Herz
Light –
Sound – Morten Hiesserich
Costumes – Nati Blanco / Adrián Castelló / Andrea Droemont Couture
Photos: Oliver Look