23. June 2022



DIN A 13 tanzcompany “InbetweenPOWER II”

DIN A 13 tanzcompany “InbetweenPOWER II”

PREMIERE Thu., 23.06.2022, 8 p.m.
further performance Fri., 24.06.2022, 8 p.m.

A production about power and threat for dancers with and without physical characteristics.

What influence do feelings of fear and threat have on people in times of political and social change? The DIN A 13 tanzcompany explores this question in the second part of the project inbetweenPOWER. On stage is a diverse ensemble of five dancers:
They come from Germany, Turkey and India, three are men, two are women, and two of them live with physical peculiarities – DIN A 13 also implements the “mixed-abled approach” in dance and art aesthetics in this production. The action on stage is complemented by videos
videos that show the dancers in their personal environment.
Cinematically and choreographically, the ensemble deals from a gender perspective with personally experienced restrictions and threats, as well as with the fear of losing independence and freedom: Are there areas in which women’s claim to power is changing – and what are they specifically? By what gender-specific means is power fought for or exercised, and what influence do religious thought structures and traditional values play in this? How are free spaces developed in which women or men can escape cultural or traditional social conventions?